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Capital Allowance and Tax Depreciation Reports

Capital Allowance and Tax Depreciation Reports (also sometimes referred to as Quantity Surveying Reports) are prepared on income earning properties, to allow investors to claim against taxable income. Reports can be completed on properties that are purchased, constructed or renovated.
CTS will compile reports on commercial, residential and rural properties. The range of properties CTS Consultants have experience on include amongst others; high and low rise office buildings, warehouses and factories, shopping centres, high and low rise residential complexes, individual houses and farms.
CTS will inspect your property and apply our knowledge and experience of the building industry and tax rulings to claim the benefits and advantages that are available to investors.

Tax Write-offs

Tax Write-offs can be claimed by the owner of an income earning asset, where the whole or part of the asset is demolished. This could be as a result of a redevelopment, refurbishment or an alteration to an existing property.

Replacement Cost Assessments

Replacement Cost Assessments for all building types are used for insurance purposes. Assessments include for demolition and replacement of an identical structure. Allowances are also made for timelines, professional fees, documentation and escalation.

Decommissioning or Make Good Reporting

These reports are required by either a tenant or landlord when a lease agreement expires or is terminated. The report deals with the financial implications and outcomes of a lease coming to an end.

Sinking Funds

In Queensland it is required by law to have a Forecast Sinking Fund Budget for Community or Strata Title schemes. CTS will prepare a Sinking Fund Budget for new residential or commercial developments or will review an existing Sinking Fund Budget.

Capital Replacement and Maintenance Reserve Funds

Forecast Capital Replacement Funds (CRF) and Maintenance Reserve Funds (MRF) are also required by law in Queensland for retirement and aged care facilities.
Generally the operator is responsible for the CRF and the users are responsible for the MRF. These budgets are compiled in a similar manner to Sinking Funds.

Life Cycle Cost Reporting

Life Cycle Costing generally refers to Sinking Funds (as discussed above), Capex and Opex reporting.
Capex reporting allows for reporting the forecast expenditure for the renewal or replacement of any items of a capital nature according to their effective lives over the total economic life of the overall asset.
Opex reporting generally allows for reporting the forecast expenditure of all operating costs including maintenance, cleaning and running costs of the overall asset.

Asset Registers

An Asset Register is a flexible tool to facilitate various financial and physical planning strategies. For example it can form the basis for asset tracking, Facilities Management, Capital Allowance and Tax Depreciation reporting, etc.

Condition and Risk Rated Reporting

This type of reporting often forms part of Due Diligence reporting. An assessment is made of the condition of the property and any related compliance issues. Any problems identified in relation to condition, compliance and maintenance are risk rated according to a matrix. All necessary repairs, maintenance, upgrades or replacements are costed and scheduled over a specified period of time.

Due Diligence Reporting

This report is commissioned by a client either purchasing or selling a property. This service investigates a range of requirements essential to the sale of the property.

#Facilities Management Strategies

Facilities Management (FM) can be described as the most efficient investment of money and/or resources to attain the optimum use or return on an investment in the built environment.
All the above services offered by CTS will contribute to establishing and implementing a reliable FM strategy.

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